Christmas Tree Reveal

It’s finally time! Sonny and I got the time to go ahead and decorate our Christmas tree for the season. Unlike in years past, I wanted to go for a minimal and natural look to the tree.

This is our only tree, and since Zack / Sonny don’t really care how it looks I obviously went with a more decorative one ! In future years we may decide to get a second more “personal” tree with varying ornaments – but for now, this one fits us just right!

Our tree is from Lowes – it is a Manchester Slim 7.5ft LED pre-lit. We love our tree for a number of reasons.

  1. Quality is good and branches look full and real so that you don’t see the faux center
  2. 7.5ft is just enough to almost reach our ceilings but enough room to add a topper
  3. Slim is key for us. We don’t have very large rooms and in trying regular size trees it felt like they were overwhelming the room.
  4. Pre-lit is a must!! Literally takes 3 pieces/ steps to put together and turn on with a button. No hassle whatsoever. And it comes with replacement bulbs should any eventually go out.

First I started by fluffing the branches – I always like to fluff them by pulling the pine branches left, right AND both up and down. That way it covers the view to the faux center of the tree.

I decided to try something a little out of the ordinary this year with the garland. Instead of the standard wooden beads, I used a white floral garland to see how that would look and loved the lightness it brought to the tree.

For ornaments, again for simplicity I decided to stick to one that was natural and handmade. I used pine cones and tied ivory ribbon into a bow on top of each.

And finally for the tree topper, I grabbed this one from Target.

Also wanted to share the link to our woven tree skirt !


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