Daily Routine Update + My New Prenatal Vitamin

I talk about routines a lot on the blog, and also get asked about my routine often! It’s because I find a daily routine to be SO important. It keeps you in check with the things you want to accomplish for both your mind and body each day (I.e. exercise, diet, vitamins), and to quickly take care of all the things that you NEED to do, even if you don’t necessarily want to (take out the trash, do the dishes, make the bed, etc.).

*special thanks to Beli Baby for sponsoring this post*

Since I last shared my routine when I was pregnant, my routine has changed drastically now that I have baby Saylor! And for the first month or so with her there was no routine, it was just chaos, lol!  Now that we’re in month three going on four.. things have definitely solidified and we’re on a loose routine that seems to be working for us so well. I went back to work last week (goodbye maternity leave 🙁 ) and EVERY night this week she has slept in her crib from around 7:30pm to 6:30-7am. I’m still shocked by this, but she is becoming such a good little sleeper! Daylight savings this past weekend threw things off a little but we’re already back on track. I’d like to think the routine has something to do with it, but no one can be 100% sure about that !


One thing that I’ve incorporated into my own routine that I love is a new prenatal vitamin by Beli. While it is important to take a prenatal during pregnancy, it is also just as important to take one pre and post-baby, up to 6 months before and after! Pre-baby is important to make sure your body is in its best form to conceive, and post-baby is important for your body to heal/recover, support breastfeeding and it can also help prevent some of that postpartum hair loss.


What makes Beli for Women Prenatal different is that it is packed with nutrients that promote fertility/ egg quality (SO important for me for the future), support your baby’s brain and development during pregnancy, and maintain a healthy energy for you throughout. I love that their vitamin is vegan and allergen free, and contains optimal amounts of Choline, Folate and B Vitamin. It kind of has a minty taste/essence to it too, which is gentle on the stomach. I feel good knowing that I’m getting a high impact daily vitamin that takes care of all the mommy stages.


If you’re in the market for a new prenatal vitamin, you can use my discount code “ERINKN15” for 15% off your purchase of Beli Prenatal.

As far as my daily routine, here is a little outline of where it stands right now. But it is definitely flexible based on Saylor! Note, since I am back to work full time, Saylor’s being cared for by family during daytime hours. And for her part, it does NOT always look like this every day, naps definitely tend to be shorter. But we do our best to maintain this somewhat while napping every 90 minutes and eating every 2 1/2 – 3 hours. And if you’re wondering about Sonny, Zack usually takes care of his meals morning and evenings 🙂 !


6:00 – Wake Up, Make Coffee, Unload Dishwasher, Take my Pre Natal Vitamin

6:30 – 30 min workout

7:00 – Saylor Wake Up and Feed (this definitely happens earlier sometimes, anytime between 6-7am)

7:30 – Shower

8:30 – 10:00 – Saylor’s Nap 1

10:00 – Saylor Feed

11:30 – 1:00 – Saylor’s Nap 2

12:00 – Lunch for me

1:00 – Saylor Feed

2:30 – 4:00 – Saylor’s Nap 3

4:00 – Saylor Feed

5:30 – 6:00 Saylor Cat Nap 4

6:45 – Saylor Bathtime

7:00 – Saylor Feed & Story time

7:30 – Saylor Bedtime

10:00 – Saylor Dream Feed, then bedtime for me


And that’s pretty much the gist of it! Again, we definitely have to be flexible to Saylor’s needs throughout the day so it does go off course constantly. But it’s nice to have this as a guideline to refer back to.


Any questions for me, you can drop them below!

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